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About Us

We are a team of professionals dedicated to bringing the latest, most popular innovative items to the retail market. Originating in 1999, we first started our business venture in the electronic door lock industry. With exceptional products and even better customer service we have proved to our customers that we are worthy of their business and highly value each one of them.

The Morning Industry Days

In 1999 we came into the US market with our innovative electronic door lock product line. Our locks featured either an electronic touchpad or an Infra Red remote control. Now we have locks that combine both touchpad and RF remote control, and also allow you to use your smartphone as a remote! As originators in this field, we quickly grew attention from consumers as our item was unique and budget friendly. Now many companies offer similar products, but we have managed to maintain our position by making better products at better prices.
Mi Circle Logo We are MiProducts!

In 2012, the staff which is now known as MiProducts, segregated from Morning Industry to establish a marketing & distribution company in Los Angeles, CA. Our locks are still made by the same great people, but in addition to keyless entry locks, we have also ventured into fields such as shower heads and kitchen sinks.
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